Photography: Published and unPublished

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On this page, I will post different types of my photography. Some published, and some just for my personal enjoyment.

(Published) ▌The Casino Del Sol Hotel Expansion ▌: This visit to the Casino Del Sol left me very impressed. Their new hotel expansion is truly beautiful and comfortable, and their casino floor is breathtaking.

View all my photographs of the Casino Del Sol and it’s new hotel here:

The front desk at the Casino Del Sol's hotel.

(Published) ▌Phoenix Fashion Week 2011  ▌: Joining up with Scottsdale Living Magazine, I took in some new fashion of 2011 during the Phoenix Fashion week. With a number of great styles and designers over two days, there were plenty of opportunities to take a great photo.

Phoenix, AZ Fashion Week

(unPublished) Over the past three or four years I’ve been going to as many concerts and music festivals as money will allow. It has been an amazing journey and I’m still ready for more! Despite a lot of these photos being taken on either a point and shoot digital camera, or some even on my cell phone, I love each and every one of them. Later I may upload entire folders from each festival, to give an overview of some of the trips I’ve taken lately. But for now, here is a nice bundle of my favorites, often taken in moments of crazy energy and amazing experiences.

Together As One 2010/11 New Years celebration!

(Published) ▌MLB All-Star Parade 2011 ▌: It’s been a while since I’ve seen a parade, I used to be “wow’d” by the parades I’d see in Illinois during the 4th of July, so I was excited to see what the All-Star parade could offer. The All-Star game had been hosting tons of events around Phoenix for a week or so before the big game (including the FanFest event which I was able to get a press pass for to take all sorts of pictures). This parade was the big lead up to the game later that day. It was packed with plenty of players riding down the red carpet in very nice cars, all sorts of team mascots, and lines of shouting fans. Despite the parade not having the usual marching bands and big floats that I was used to, and it being over 100 degrees outside, I still had a great time trying to capture some of the most fun parts of the day.

The red carpet leading to the stadium!

(Published) ▌Valley Metro Light Rail Art ▌: (I’ve updated this photo stream on flickr ( which I like more than the currently published one. The original post has some really great photos mixed in with some bad ones, so I’m trying to get it changed to the new one asap.) I enjoy taking pictures at night (see post below), and I’ve also had a fascination with the Metro Light Rail. With different art installations at each stop, and with all sorts of different lights to change how the platform looks, I find it to be a very photogenic subject. I ride the Light Rail very often and amuse myself thinking about where everyone is heading, but never actually find out the truth. I think I like the mystery that everyone carries with them on any public transportation.

Finding ways to squeeze some nature into our concrete jungle.

(Published) ▌Showing Another Side Of Tempe Nightlife ▌: This is my favorite published work so far. I had been taking photos at night around Tempe for quite some time and had a lot to choose from. I prefer shooting at night, it can be very calming because you are forced to slow down, find the right exposure (I had a lot of 20-30 second exposures), and hope the camera doesn’t get bumped into, which is why I tend to go on random photo outings at 3am. Taking this sort of look at Tempe has made me more appreciative of the city’s beauty; I always say that Tempe can take your breath away, you just have to know where to go.

One of my favorite views of Tempe Town Lake

(Published) ▌An Afternoon Riding On The Grand Canyon Railway ▌: The Grand Canyon is a bit more difficult to photograph than the beautiful Coachella grounds (see below). That’s not because the Grand Canyon is any less amazing, but each direction you look is just so breath-taking that it is hard to choose what you should take a picture of, and what would translate well into a photograph. After taking a slew of wide shots that focused on the enormity of the canyon, I got a little worried that nothing would turn out right, so I took a new approach and focused on having as much fun as I could (for example, the shots of my feet in the sky). I told myself I would go through the pictures later and for that moment I should just enjoy myself. I think I made the right choice, and came out with some great photos.

It's always impressive being right next to a train like this.

(Published) ▌Coachella Music and Arts Festival 2011 ▌: This first was an easy one, I had just gotten back from Coachella (2011), and had a whole mess of amazing pictures to go through. I swear I could have just ran around the entire weekend waving my hand around, pressing the shutter release and each picture would have been amazing. Coachella is by far one of the most fun places to photograph.

Just behind the sound booth, amazing light set up on stage and hanging from the ceiling.


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  1. Love “Together as One” New Year’s shot! Great feeling.

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