First Photo on RedGage!

I have recently uploaded my very first photo onto RedGage, which is a website where members can earn money for their activity on the internet.

You can see the full photo here: Many Small Lakes

I would really appreciate any favorites, ratings or comments left my photos page!

If you don’t have an account, you can use this link to sign up, it only takes a few seconds and it’s free!:

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andreas gursky sao paolo openhouse

photo : andreas gursky

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Catching the Casino Del Sol Resort Hotel Expansion

What a beautiful hotel! Every direction I turned was something that made me want to set up my tripod and snap a few pictures!

As I dive deeper into the life of a photographer, I really enjoy photographing all sorts of different events. Stepping past thinking of only fun party/mixer events and into the world of new expansions and construction, I joined AZNow.Biz to have a look at the new hotel expansion at the Casino Del Sol.

See a few pictures, and read about my experience here:

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The Importance of Website Videos With AZ Virtual Studios

After a great interview with AVS (Arizona Virtual Studios), I had a chance to sit down, edit and compose my next video. With the help of my video editing partner Sterling Grey, we cranked out a new video for AZNow.Biz that discusses the very relevant topic about the importance of adding video to your website.

See the full article AND video, here:

We shot the video at the AVS studio so we had access to all of their lighting kits and even their giant green screen, which is the largest in Arizona.

Shooting with a company that is used to producing videos of their own was a treat because they knew exactly what we needed and were very helpful.

I set up the main interview shot with the edge of one of the studio lights in frame, to give a bit of perspective among the giant green screen that was in the background. Later, in the editing process, I put the text of the questions being asked right onto the back of the studio light so we didn’t have to keep fading in and out of question slides.

I composed the soundbed in about 30 minutes because we were in a bit of a rush for this video. I usually like to have a bit of rise and fall in intensity with the music and have the video follow along, coming to some sort of crescendo, however I think the music fits well and helps the video along nicely.

I’m glad to see this video posted, and look forward to more!

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Phoenix Fashion Week Round 2! Saturday Night.

I headed back to Phoenix Fashion Week on Saturday Night, once again with Scottsdale Living.

After taking in the sights of the lovely Talking Stick Resort, we headed outside to the runway and set up for the walk. This time we would see more accomplished designers (compared to the all local walk we saw on Thursday).  With tons of different designs for multiple occasions, great music and free vitamin water, there was something there for everyone!

See the full article and photo recap here:

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Phoenix Fashion Week 2011

Thanks to Scottsdale Living, I had the opportunity to photograph the Phoenix Fashion Week runway show at the Talking Stick Resort.

Photo by Cory Bergquist

With designs from Velvet Boutique,  Te’ BoutiqueBilby & Moss,  Retro Brand, and Veronica Brett, we saw clothing that would suit many styles from business to casual to swimwear.

I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of the event over the next few days.

See the article and more photos from the show here!

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Fashion by Robert Black

My latest video, created for AZNow.Biz, features an interview with Robert Black as he talks about his vintage fashion store, Fashion by Robert Black. This video is full of unique items and clothing, as well as tips for those starting their own business.

See the full article and video interview here:

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