Steven Ellison, the mastermind behind the genre-creating, movement-starting, crowd-moving moniker Flying Lotus (or FlyLo), has quite a few singles, EPs, compilations and mixes, all of which can be hard to keep track. However, his full-length albums now rest at a more manageable four.

His previous album, Cosmogramma, adopted strong influences from jazz and hip hop, and adopted them well. This time around, FlyLo has taken a more minimal approach where each song takes its time to build into a finely crafted track from start to finish.

The first six songs on Until The Quiet Comes, lovingly eases us into a Flying Lotus listening experience. With calming melodies mixed with hints of glitchy beats and splashes of delightful bass, I found myself lost in a wonderful combination of beautiful audio mixed together into a symphony of sound waves.

“Sultan’s Request” rocks us back into a bass-filled paradise, reminding us…

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About coryjbergquist

I am a musician. While assisting and volunteering my time to my fellow artist throughout Arizona, I have found a calling in sound. Through the process of video shooting and editing, I have found that I have a knack for being able to aid the storytelling through sound produced with my piano and Korg Kaossilator Pro. And because of this I have been sought out to help compose original scores for all types of videos. New genres both intrigue and push me to help increase my versatility in the music I create. In fact I welcome the challenges that may come from non-a-typical pieces. It is the feeling I put into each video piece, soundtrack, and score that strengthens the voice of the video maker.
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