The Importance of Website Videos With AZ Virtual Studios

After a great interview with AVS (Arizona Virtual Studios), I had a chance to sit down, edit and compose my next video. With the help of my video editing partner Sterling Grey, we cranked out a new video for AZNow.Biz that discusses the very relevant topic about the importance of adding video to your website.

See the full article AND video, here:

We shot the video at the AVS studio so we had access to all of their lighting kits and even their giant green screen, which is the largest in Arizona.

Shooting with a company that is used to producing videos of their own was a treat because they knew exactly what we needed and were very helpful.

I set up the main interview shot with the edge of one of the studio lights in frame, to give a bit of perspective among the giant green screen that was in the background. Later, in the editing process, I put the text of the questions being asked right onto the back of the studio light so we didn’t have to keep fading in and out of question slides.

I composed the soundbed in about 30 minutes because we were in a bit of a rush for this video. I usually like to have a bit of rise and fall in intensity with the music and have the video follow along, coming to some sort of crescendo, however I think the music fits well and helps the video along nicely.

I’m glad to see this video posted, and look forward to more!


About coryjbergquist

I am a musician. While assisting and volunteering my time to my fellow artist throughout Arizona, I have found a calling in sound. Through the process of video shooting and editing, I have found that I have a knack for being able to aid the storytelling through sound produced with my piano and Korg Kaossilator Pro. And because of this I have been sought out to help compose original scores for all types of videos. New genres both intrigue and push me to help increase my versatility in the music I create. In fact I welcome the challenges that may come from non-a-typical pieces. It is the feeling I put into each video piece, soundtrack, and score that strengthens the voice of the video maker.
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