Stella Bella Photo Shoot

Had a great photo shoot with Stella Bella about a week ago! I was told to get a little creative with the make-up and find some A-typical ways to represent their product. I’m really happy with how everything turned out and it was a very great experience!

In the middle of a bustling salon, I set up my tripod (which I eventually had to give up on to make room and get the shots I wanted) and went to work. I was told the general items that were to be photographed and was mostly left to my own artistic development to get a shot that was interesting.

It was a bit different to work in such a small and busy place where each foot of floor is a prized commodity, but the challenge was fun as I found myself in all sorts of contorted positions in an attempt to get the correct angle. I welcomed any input that was given to me and tweaked my shooting style accordingly.

Other than a few bumps and very polite “excuse me’s, my time there went mostly unnoticed and I was able to get my work done in a very efficient manner. I’m very grateful for being able to have had a bit of artistic freedom on this shoot!


About coryjbergquist

I am a musician. While assisting and volunteering my time to my fellow artist throughout Arizona, I have found a calling in sound. Through the process of video shooting and editing, I have found that I have a knack for being able to aid the storytelling through sound produced with my piano and Korg Kaossilator Pro. And because of this I have been sought out to help compose original scores for all types of videos. New genres both intrigue and push me to help increase my versatility in the music I create. In fact I welcome the challenges that may come from non-a-typical pieces. It is the feeling I put into each video piece, soundtrack, and score that strengthens the voice of the video maker.
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